Custom designed answers for laboratory applications A flexible excessive strain steam sterilizer in scientific and microbiological laboratories, the biotechnology region and in pharmaceutical applications - the Sumer L is the green answer for the sterilization of organization, porous and liquid items as lifestyle media, cages, waste, instruments, textiles, bottles, meals and beverages in open and sealed bins.Various loading heights (850 mm, three hundred mm, floor level), the progressive technique layout and protection featuers and a huge variety of add-ons in a bendy over-all idea assure most suitable sterilization efficiency, reliability and protection for all sterilization or disinfection specifications. The pleasant viable answer to your application Make your preference from plenty of sterilization cycles flawlessly tailored in your sterilization specification: fashionable cycles for organization and porous items, liquid items cycles, applications with selectable keeping time and temperature, cycles for thermolabile items and laboratory waste disinfection or air steam combination cycles. The sterilization of beverages calls for extra protection featues - bendy temperature sensors within the chamber, sterile air over-strain, chamber jacket cooling or an integrated chamber surroundings move system. A skilful opportunity for the sterilization of beverages in sealed bins is the warm water irrigation technique. Safety first For accelerated protection necessities in waste treatment - condensate sterilization and vent air filter. High danger laboratories require the separation of loading and unloading facet via way of means of a fueloline tight separation wall. The module chamber surroundings move - electrically driven fan with magnetic coupling to keep away from the shaft feedthrough for maximum reliability and a hermetically sealed chamber.


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