Desiccant Dryers
AIRFRESH – The Desiccant Dryer

Compressed air is always 100% saturated. When it cools, the moisture will condense, causing damage to the air system. Untreated air with excessive moisture can cause corrosion in pipes and premature failure of pneumatic equipment. A dry compressed air system is essential to maintain the reliability of production processes.

Sümer's desiccant dryers produce dry compressed air from 0 oC to -72 oC Celsius pressure dew point in a reliable and energy efficient way while protecting your systems and processes. First, air is compressed up to 7-13 bars with the help of compressors. Filtration takes place thereafter to filter out the condensed water, remaining particles, aerosol and oil which is in the pressurized air stream. Finally, air is supplied into the PSA tanks to remove the moisture in the air.

PSA unit consists two tanks filled with Activated Alumina and Zeolites. Each column undergoes cyclic sequence of pressurization, drying and exhaust cycles for continuous flow. Wet air passes directly through the desiccant which adsorbs the moisture. However, the desiccant has a finite capacity for adsorbing moisture, therefore it must be dried out (regenerated). To do this, the tower containing saturated desiccant medium is depressurized and the accumulated water is driven off.

Wet (Saturated) compressed air flows upward through the desiccant which adsorbs the moisture, from bottom to top.
Dried air from the outlet of the drying tower is expanded to atmospheric pressure and sent through the saturated desiccant, forcing the adsorbed moisture out.
After desorption, the blow-off valve is closed and the vessel is re-pressurized.
4. After regeneration, the functions of both towers are switched.

Key Features of AIRFRESH

Fully Automatic 24/7
Real time trends of process parameters
Visual recommended service maintenance reminders
Algorithm against electricity cuts-off (dew point does not drop after electricity cut)
Smart Algorithm (Dryer automatically adjusts its timing depending on the environmental conditions)
Highest packing density of activated alumina and zeolites
Uniform flow distribution design to maximize activated alumina and zeolites life
Medical/Industrial Grade Air Filtration
German BASF Activated Alumina
Galvanized (Std.) or Stainless-Steel piping (Opt.)
Real Time Monitoring
Recording Capabilities and Data Logging
Multi-level secured access for supervisory control
Top quality SMC or OMAL VIP valves
Compressor status input contact
Alarm and Status output contact
4-inch Touch Panel
User Friendly Interface
Multi language

System Configuration

Water Separator
Filter Set (particulate - 1 micron and oil filter – 0.01 micron)
Desiccant Dryer
After Filter (dust filter – 1 micron)
Air Tank


Capacity may slightly change under different environmental conditions and during the life time of the desiccant dryer.

Performance at 20oC and 1 bar atmospheric conditions for -40 oC Celsius Pressure Dew Point.


Dryer Type L / s m3 / min Power
AIRFRESH-50 55 3,3 110v-230v / 50-60 Hz
AIRFRESH-60 67 4,0 110v-230v / 50-60 Hz
AIRFRESH-75 83 5,0 110v-230v / 50-60 Hz
AIRFRESH-100 110 6,7 110v-230v / 50-60 Hz
AIRFRESH-125 140 8.4 110v-230v / 50-60 Hz
AIRFRESH-150 167 10,0 110v-230v / 50-60 Hz
AIRFRESH-200 222 13,3 110v-230v / 50-60 Hz
AIRFRESH-225 250 15,0 110v-230v / 50-60 Hz
AIRFRESH-250 278 16,7 110v-230v / 50-60 Hz
AIRFRESH-300 333 20,0 110v-230v / 50-60 Hz
AIRFRESH-350 380 23,0 110v-230v / 50-60 Hz
AIRFRESH-400 445 26,5 110v-230v / 50-60 Hz
AIRFRESH-500 555 33,3 110v-230v / 50-60 Hz
AIRFRESH-600 667 40,0 110v-230v / 50-60 Hz
AIRFRESH-750 833 50,0 110v-230v / 50-60 Hz
AIRFRESH-1000 1110 67,0 110v-230v / 50-60 Hz
AIRFRESH-1250 1390 84.0 110v-230v / 50-60 Hz
AIRFRESH-1500 1667 100,0 110v-230v / 50-60 Hz


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