Industrial Gases

SUMER designs and manufactures on-web website online nitrogen and oxygen manufacturing answers for a huge form of commercial packages. Composed of nitrogen or PSA oxygen generators, those answers combine the extra system vital to assure in any respect time the independent deliver of fueloline, on the purity, glide price and strain required via way of means of every commercial procedure. Some examples of packages we serve:

AIRFRESH – The Desiccant Dryer


Compressed air is always 100% saturated. When it cools, the moisture will condense, causing damage to the air system. Untreated air with excessive moisture can cause corrosion in pipes and premature failure of pneumatic equipment. A dry compressed air system is essential to maintain the reliability of production processes. Sümer's desiccant dryers produce dry compressed air from 0 oC to -72 oC Celsius pressure dew point in a reliable and energy efficient way while protecting your systems and processes. First, air is compressed up to 7-13 bars with the help of compressors. Filtration takes place thereafter to filter out the condensed water, remaining particles, aerosol and oil which is in the pressurized air stream. Finally, air is supplied into the PSA tanks to remove the moisture in the air. PSA unit consists two tanks filled with Activated Alumina and Zeolites. Each column undergoes cyclic sequence of pressurization, drying and exhaust cycles for continuous flow. Wet air passes directly through the desiccant which adsorbs the moisture. However, the desiccant has a finite capacity for adsorbing moisture, therefore it must be dried out (regenerated). To do this, the tower containing saturated desiccant medium is depressurized and the accumulated water is driven off.





In the meals enterprise, fueloline performs an critical position in diverse manufacturing processes. Mostly withinside the meals enterprise, nitrogen and oxygen are used to save you the increase of micro organism or different microorganisms accountable for meals spoilage. Foods hold their high-satisfactory and feature an extended lifespan. BIOGAS Biogas enterprise makes use of oxygen withinside the biogas desulphurization procedure. It is composed in getting rid of hydrogen sulphide withinside the biogas for you to keep away from the presence of sulfur-primarily based totally residues which may be dangerous to the installations and the environment.



For laser cutting, floor treatment, oxy-cutting, etc., nitrogen or oxygen enrichment is a dependable and secure answer that lets in to gain high-satisfactory parts.



The use of gases for glass paintings strengthens the combustion procedure and contributes to the overall performance of the torches, it will increase productiveness and improves the high-satisfactory of the glass.






Oxygenation of ponds in fish farming lets in fish to develop and growth manufacturing density safely. The addition of oxygen withinside the breeding tanks guarantees an greatest oxygen balance



High purity nitrogen is utilized in electronics to make sure the brazing and garage of digital playing cards via way of means of protective them from oxidation: a higher high-satisfactory is for that reason ensured



Compressed air is broadly used withinside the Public Works quarter to permit the deliver of gear. The gear are for that reason extra productive, clean to apply and tailored to the maximum hard available areas.



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