Industrial Oxygen Generators
99.5% Purity Oxygen Generator

Produce oxygen from compressed air
Microprocessor controlled
Low operating cost
Automatic and unattended operation
Easy to install and maintain
Eliminate the Expense of Purchasing, Receiving and monitoring your hospital's / Clinic's Oxygen supply.

Typical Applications

Thermal/Chemical Oxidation
Cylinder Refilling
Metal Fabrication/Cutting


The Dual Stage, High Purity Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Oxygen Generating Process

Air contains 21% oxygen, 78% nitrogen, 0.9% argon, and 0.1% other gases. SUMER Dual Stage, High Purity Oxygen Generating Systems separate oxygen from compressed air utilizing a two stage Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) process to generate up to 99.5% pure oxygen.

Stage One:

The first stage of the PSA process uses molecular sieve (a synthetic zeolite), which attracts (adsorbs) nitrogen from air at high pressure and releases (desorbs) it at low pressure to generate up to 96% pure oxygen.

Stage Two:

The second stage of the high purity PSA process further purifies 95-96% oxygen to a level of up to 99.5% using a second type of molecular sieve (activated carbon sieve), which attracts (adsorbs) oxygen from the 95% oxygen stream at high pressure and releases it at low pressure.

The argon could be separated afterwards increasing the amount of oxygen up to 99%. Using a carbon molecular sieve (CMS) based adsorbent, which adsorbs the oxygen, allowing the impurities to be scrubbed. The maximum purity achievable in such systems is 99.5%. Typically, the system is operated at a design point of around 99.0% to optimize the output. In such a system there is about a 35% loss in the 95% feed product gas. This loss of product is sensitive to the purity level that is lower purity, less product loss. The whole process is intelligently controlled with help of automated valves and microprocessor.

In general Sumer Oxygen Generators produce 95% purity at around 75-80% of the generator's capacity. Then 35% of the produced oxygen is sacrificed for 99% purity. Therefore, primary oxygen generator has to have at least double the capacity of the desired 99% purity oxygen.


Primary Oxygen Generator Output Flow Rate @95% (L/min) Secondary Oxygen Generator Ultra High Purity (UHP) Output Flow Rate @99% (L/min)
Oxyfresh-100 80 Oxyfresh-100 50
Oxyfresh-150 120 Oxyfresh-150 75
Oxyfresh-200 160 Oxyfresh-200 100
Oxyfresh-250 200 Oxyfresh-250 125
Oxyfresh-300 240 Oxyfresh-300 150
Oxyfresh-400 320 Oxyfresh-400 200
Oxyfresh-500 400 Oxyfresh-500 250
Oxyfresh-600 480 Oxyfresh-600 300
Oxyfresh-750 600 Oxyfresh-750 375
Oxyfresh-1000 800 Oxyfresh-1000 500
Oxyfresh-1250 1000 Oxyfresh-1250 625
Oxyfresh-1500 1200 Oxyfresh-1500 750
Oxyfresh-1800 1440 Oxyfresh-1800 900
Oxyfresh-2400 1920 Oxyfresh-2400 1200


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