Medical PSA Oxygen Generator (10-2321 L/min Capacity) Smart Algorithm Real Time Monitoring Remotely Manageable via Ethernet Fully Automatic 24/7 High Efficiency Molecular Sieve 10.1-inch-Wide Touch Panel User Friendly Interface Recording Capabilities and Data Logging Multi-level secured access for supervisory control Multi language Visual recommended service maintenance reminders Real time trends of process parameters Constant measurement of the O2 purity, O2 tank pressure and O2 temperature.



Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology is used with specially developed adsorbents called zeolites to separate oxygen from nitrogen to be able to use pure oxygen in many applications. First, air is compressed up to 10 bars with the help of compressors, then air is dried out to remove the moisture in the air. Filtration takes place thereafter to filter out the remaining particles, aerosol and oil which is in the pressurized air stream. Carbon Tower ensures long term oil free oxygen delivery. PSA unit consists two tanks filled with zeolites. Each column undergoes cyclic sequence of pressurization, generation, equalization and exhaust cycles for continuous flow of high purity oxygen.

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