We, as Sümer A.Ş., ensured that the effect of our products on the environment and the environment pollution are prevented and continuous monitoring is done for this purpose, that our activities are certified and applied and she has registered this situation with ISO 14000 environment management certificate.

Within this scope, she determines the targets which will continuously improve our company and environment management system and does all kinds of reviews for achieving these targets.

In our new factory in the Capital Organized Industrial Zone, we have the pride of presenting healthy, safe and clean working environment to the employees.


For this purpose, in our company:

  • She performs the activities made on environment according to the related laws, regulations, covenants, and ISO 14001 standard,
  • Raises the awareness of the employees by providing periodical trainings on environment,
  • Ensures that the environment policy is conveyed to all employees, understood and applied by everybody,
  • Prioritizes protection of the environment and human health,
  • Does activities which will mitigate the effect of solid, liquid and gas wastes, placed to the environment, and sends all wastes generated to the recycling,
  • Researches the recycling opportunities and disposes of the wastes such that they don’t harm the environment or recover them.